The nail fungus, which is located at the foot – can form and fingernails, is an extremely annoying and unpleasant phenomenon, which presents itself as a very persistent. As the most common causes are diagnosed case the so-called filamentous fungi and yeasts.

These are formed by way of example in the nail beds as nail bed inflammation but also in particular if a violation of the nail is present. Not always the transition to a doctor is required here because probate also economical home remedies for nail fungus are standing by this effectively combat. By fairly simple application of the various home remedies and the fact that most of the ingredients are easy to obtain commercially, this method gives certainly in most cases an optimal success.

tea tree oil use in fungal nail

One of the most famous and most proven home remedies for nail fungus is tea tree oil. This may be obtained commercially easily, whereby the actual therapy basically should present no particular difficulties. Moreover, it is a pure natural product that comes free of any chemical additives used.

The tea tree oil as an effective home remedy for nail fungus can be purchased fairly cheap at drugstores or pharmacies. A few drops should be applied to a cotton pad or a cotton swab. Thus, the affected areas are now rubbed gently, and it should be ensured that the outer portions of the area are also included. During the day, this procedure should be repeated 4 to 6 times in order to bring the full effect of tea tree oil to develop can.

The tea tree oil is awarded, so that the persons concerned are likely to experience the first positive changes during the application after about 2 to 3 days a strong, fungus killing effect. Because of the known tenacity of the fungal infection, it is however necessary to make these operations for about 14 days in order ultimately to achieve the desired success. If during this period, however, does not show any significant improvement, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

With apple cider vinegar to the stubborn nail fungus can quite effectively combat. This home remedy for nail fungus has already proven itself in many cases. The product can be acquired, which, even when using no special features are to be expected without problem in trade. The use of apple cider vinegar provides for those affected also no side effects.

The duration of the application of this home remedy for nail fungus is about 14 days. Here, about 20 drops of the apple cider vinegar are added on a cotton ball or a cotton swab. Thus, the affected nails are now rubbed carefully and cautiously, this mixture should act for about 15 to 20 minutes there.

The process is ideally performed once go every evening before going to bed. Upon completion of this procedure, it is now necessary to the nails (feet and hands alike) completely dried with a hair dryer, because moisture deposits are a perfect breeding ground for the fungus.

The Allrounder Garlic also helps against nail fungus

The silver bullet Garlic also comes in combating nail fungus used. Thanks to its antifungal effect, the wondrous natural product has proven to be a very good means for nail fungus.

A few cloves of garlic and two tablespoons of olive oil are sufficient to produce an effective mix as a home remedy for nail fungus. The garlic cloves are pressed and the juice collected separately. This is then mixed with the olive oil and applied to the affected area.

There he was to operate at least 15 to 20 minutes. The process must be repeated continuously for about two weeks once a day. It is in addition also possible to enhance the impact from the inside, so that even the consumption of raw garlic will prove effective addition.